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Real Self Care and Best Life Living for women in midlife and above.

It's time....

To be your biggest fan.

To live out your purpose.

To treat your body with respect.

To see your deepest vulnerabilities as your greatest strengths.

Midlife is the time when the universe shakes your shoulders

and says, ”Hey, I’m not messing around here.”

This is it. It's your time to make the rest the best. 

writer, business owner, autoimmune disease battler, sober advocate, almost certified holistic nutritionist, and midlife crusader for making the rest the best. 

Hi, I'm Juli

I'm a mom, wife and entrepreneur who changed my life at fifty when I chose to stop drinking for good and start pursuing my health, happiness and purpose.

Midlife is a privilege. These years are full of self-awareness and freedom, and it's time for you to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. 

You are not too old, and it is not too late.

I know how you feel if you're wondering if life is over in midlife. If you have struggled for years with your own demons, the comparison or "not enough" lie and the "Is this all there is?" question, 

 I felt like that, too.

But I promise it isn't. It's just beginning.


I've spent the last fifteen of my 52 years scouring self-help resources

and following health and wellness masterminds to learn everything I could

to feel better, look better, be better. All while, ironically, I was drinking daily

and way over the "recommended amount" which is, honestly, none.

Surely I could somehow offset that with organic produce, vitamins

and natural deodorant, right? 

After I finally came to grips that there was not one good thing coming from my bond with booze, I was able to break up with it and start a new quest: to heal the physical, mental and emotional damage from years of yo-yo dieting, self-bullying and excessive drinking. 

There is an overwhelming amount of information swirling around about what's good and what's bad, and why everything we have learned for years is wrong. It is not easy or quick figuring everything out on your own.

But after a decade of trials and errors, experiments and failures,

seeking and finding, I'm finally in the sweet spot. 


Whatever your demon is, you CAN decide 

to make big changes with small strides.

The key to creating and living a transformed life is to

take specific, consistent, daily steps in the

core four cornerstones of your life.

I call it the R.E.A.L. Self Care Method.

Juli Schafer Headshot.jpg

This photo was taken when I was 45. You'll see more eyebags and less makeup if we meet. 

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So glad you're here!

Barefeet on Sand
Restore. Empower. Align. Learn.
R.E.A.L. Self Care Cornerstone Method
to help you live a transformed Midlife.

To fully live your best life, you have to love yourself first and best. You need to be your number one fan and staunchest advocate. This is not selfish, this is self-preservation. We get one shot at this life and it is never too late to write a new story.

By working your R.E.A.L. Self Care Cornerstones each day you can tangibly make strides in the following major areas that will enable you to create your healthy, happy, fulfilled life. Small steps lead to big change

  • Healthy BODY: Nutrition & Movement

  • Strong MINDSET: Habits & Mindfulness

  • Fulfilled SOUL: Purpose & Faith

  • Social LIFE: Connection & Community

Want a checklist to help you stay on track?  

Get our R.E.A.L. Self Care Checklist here.

REAL Self Care Checklist.png
R.E.A.L. Self Care Checklist


So glad you're here!


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